The Project

I was a short term hire for Pacific Studio, a design and fabrication company crafting museum-quality exhibits.  I supported the exhibit design team with my graphic design experience on The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. 


universal Declaration of Human Rights - Mock Up

The Role


  • Revise existing and create graphic layouts for over 500 exhibit graphic files for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, incorporating text and image revisions provided by the Museum 

  • Prepare Graphic Proof packages for delivery to client; meet all delivery deadlines established by Pacific Studio 

  • Organize and track information graphic approval status

  • Once graphic files are approved by the client, prepare production files for delivery to Pacific Studio’s Graphic Production department

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum has created a new space that educates the public not only on the topic of genocide but how to avoid the atrocities that have taken place. A highlight of the museum is to emphasize the Upstanders that have fought against evil.

The example to the left is an installation within the museum that exemplifies the efforts of those who have created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the past as well as graphic content that emphasizes copy within the declaration.

Poland Elevation

Within the Museum there are various areas organized by country that had been destroyed by the Holocaust. The example seen below is an elevation mockup for Poland that has a series of graphic panels as well as artifacts for the public to view.

The elevation and placement of content is critical for all so that fabrication at Pacific Studio meets that of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

Poland elevation

Poland elevation


Secondary Panel

In the museum you will find large primary panels that lie flat on the wall contextualizing an event. Where a secondary panel below the primary panel would cantilever at a 45 degree angle in front of the viewer to allow them to read more of the finite details of what had occurred. The system that I created allows the viewer to understand the disintegration of government leading to the Nazi regime.

DHHRM graphics for adrian 2.2.jpg