“Who am I?”

Early on in my life, I had trouble learning in a conventional manner, and I started to create systems for myself to navigate through learning. 

While pursuing higher education in Printmaking where the practice is process oriented, and there are different methods to create artwork such as Lithography, Intaglio, Woodcut, and Silkscreen to name a few.  Here I embraced the medium and chose to use the methods as tools rather than placing myself in one method.  

Thereafter, I found myself in academia where I also was teaching process but had to construct a curriculum in a formulaic way so students would comprehend what I was teaching.

It is no surprise to me that I am drawn to a process driven practice such as UX. Where the user is the focus, considering their behaviors and finding pain points that leads the design where I am a facilitator producing what users want through my empathy for them. 

My focus is in UX is Interaction and Visual Design as it allows me to be part of the front end of the process where the user is considered, and the visual process speaks to my visual strengths. The synergy occurs when the interface informs the aesthetics of a product.